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Luxury Six Scents Diffuser 165ml Honey Rose

Luxury Six Scents Diffuser 165ml Honey Rose

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With Honey & Rose Six Scents Diffusers, experience the perfection of a single stem rose with its complex myriad of scents. From its opening of citrus freshness to its rich honeyed center. Be Enlightened luxury reed diffusers are a luxurious statement piece for any home. The luxury diffuser will give continuous slow releasing fragrance in your home instantly transforming the atmosphere. Each luxury diffuser is individually hand poured using the highest quality natural fragrance and essential oils. Luxury Diffuser Care Instructions: Recommend using 3 reeds, keeping away from strong drafts and out of direct sunlight. The more sticks you use, the stronger the fragrance. Rotate your reeds regularly by simply turning upside down to increase the enjoyment of your diffuser.

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